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      Promera Health Immune Support is the first and only daily supplement designed to support your immune system by powering T-Cell energy with CON-CRĒT® Patented Creatine HCl®, the most bioavailable form of Creatine on the market. 

      Creatine is an ingredient clinically shown to play an essential role in maintaining immune system health by boosting T-Cells. Immune Support also features a combination of other top immune boosting ingredients like Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Black Elderberry and Green Tea extracts as well as Alpha-GEE®, a unique, patented amino acid-based peptide that provides beneficial effects on healthy inflammation responses. Both patented ingredients are certified drug free, GMP, HACCP and SQF certified, the highest nutraceutical and dietary supplement certification available. Promera Health is based in Nashville, TN and their products are all made in the USA at their own FDA registered facility.   

      Derived from the Latin word primero, meaning “to deserve our merit,” Promera Health’s mission is to develop products that positively impact the health and lifestyles of customers by delivering the science of wellness.

      The Promera Health brand was created by Vireo Systems Inc., the manufacturer behind some of the most trusted nutraceuticals and health support brands on the market. Led by Founder and President Mark Faulkner, Vireo is headquartered in Nashville, TN. Vireo and the Promera Health products division are unique in that they are vertically integrated from research and development to sales, molecules are synthesized in-house, and manufactured at their own FDA registered facilities in Madison, Tennessee and Plattsmouth, Nebraska, thereby controlling quality from start to finish.

      The company’s principals bring over 75-years of cumulative pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and consumer-packaged goods experience. Leveraging this expertise, they created a company that is differentiated by the innovation, quality and value of the products produced. Promera Health products are all processed according to current good manufacturing processes (cGMP) and are certified under HACCP and SQF accreditations. Extraordinary measures have also been taken to certify products as drug-free by one of the country’s leading drug-testing facilities.

      CON-CRET® Creatine HCI, the key ingredient in Promera’s Immune Support product was originally created by Vireo Systems in 2003 with elite athletes in mind. After years of studies, it was shown to be not only safe and healthy but also to provide dramatic performance enhancement through scientifically increased strength, endurance, and recovery. Awarded 8 patents, CON-CRET Creatine HCl became the #1 specialty Creatine on the market after research on the molecule presented to the International Society of Sports Nutrition in June, 2009 showed it to be far more bioavailable than any other form of Creatine. Embraced by sports scientists and athletic nutrition thought-leaders for years, new research has proven that not only does Creatine benefit muscles, but it also fuels our immune systems, which depend on this nutrient to power the T-Cells that keep our bodies healthy. With this knowledge, Promera Health Immune Support featuring CON-CRET® was born, bringing the next generation of immunity supplements to market in an era where immunity and T-Cells have taken center stage in public health discussions.